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Information about guitar, pickup, or instrument compatibility.


Is My Instrument Compatible?

Of course, it is... Just find out what you need!

Which Guitars Are Compatible With the ToneWoodAmp?

What You'll Need For Standard Compatibility

What If My Guitar Is Non-Electric And Does Not Have Electronics or Pickups In It?

Making Your Guitar Compatible With The ToneWoodAmp.

Does The TWA Work With Other Musical Instruments?

What Else Can You Use The ToneWoodAmp With?

Is ToneWoodAmp Compatible With a K&K Pure Mini?

ToneWoodAmp and K&K Transducer style pickups

Is ToneWoodAmp compatible with Ovation Guitars?

ToneWoodAmp and Ovation (or similar round composite-back) Guitars

How Does ToneWoodAmp Work With L.R. Baggs Lyric (or Other Microphone Only Solutions)?

Using the ToneWoodAmp with Mic-Only Pickups.