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Common questions about the ToneWoodAmp


Does The ToneWoodAmp Amplify The Sound of The Guitar?

How Much Additional Volume Should You Expect?

Where Should I Position The ToneWoodAmp?

How to find the best location for your ToneWoodAmp.

How do I Attach The ToneWoodAmp?

How the ToneWoodAmp attaches.

Can one ToneWoodAmp be used on more than one instrument?

Using the ToneWoodAmp on multiple instruments is EASY!..

Do You Recommend a Specific Pickup to Use With The ToneWoodAmp?

What kinds of pickups work best with the ToneWoodAmp?

Can I Order an Extra X-Brace or Pickup?

Ordering Additional Accessories

How Long Can I Leave ToneWoodAmp Attached To My Guitar?

Proper care of the Suction Pads.

Is There an Output For an Amp? (D.I. MODE)

Using the ToneWoodAmp with an external amp/PA

Do I Need to Own an iPad, iPhone, or iTouch to make the TWA Work?

The ToneWoodAmp operates standalone, however, you can utilize smart devices to add to the experience

Will I be Able to Use Multiple Effects Simultaneously Without Connecting to an iDevice App?

Using Multiple Effects with the ToneWoodAmp.

Does The TWA Work With Android?

Using the ToneWoodAmp with Android Devices

What is The Difference Between a Left And Right Unit?

Left and Right-handed differences.

Warranty and Return policy

Warranty And Return Policy

Using a Looper with ToneWoodAmp

Using a Looper with ToneWoodAmp

Replacement Parts For Your ToneWoodAmp

How To Get Replacement Parts For Your ToneWoodAmp

Which Apps Can I Use With The ToneWoodAmp?

Which Apps Can I Use With The ToneWoodAmp?

What Type of Pickups do you Offer?

Find the compatible pickup for your guitar.

Is the ToneWoodAmp an actual Wattage/Volume Amplifier?

Learn how the ToneWoodAmp amplifies the effects only and how it works with amplifiers