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Exposing the suction liner material before you use the ToneWoodAmpUpdated 6 months ago

When you first open your ToneWoodAmp, you'll notice that the suction rails are covered with a thin (and sometimes hard to see) protective liner. A suction rail with a protective liner on top is very smooth and has no "sticky" feel to it

You must remove at least one of these liners in order for the ToneWoodAmp to attach securely and perform correctly with your guitar. 

Please note that we have added a "do not remove" label to one of the suction rails. In most situations, there is no need to remove that liner, but If you plan to use the ToneWoodAmp on stage AND you move quite a lot during your act, we recommend that you consider removing both liners for a more secure fit. 

How to remove the protective liner:

Gently use your fingernail to feel & peel the thin layer of the protective liner (see both images below). 

Warning! Please make sure that you aren't peeling off the suction material itself!

Removing the ToneWoodAmp from your guitar when both suction pads are exposed:

When both liners are exposed, the force of attachment can be multiplied by a factor of 10 or more. In a case of a glossy back, It is quite hard to remove the ToneWoodAmp from the guitar but do not fret :-)

To safely detach it from the guitar, grip the two half-round sides of the ToneWoodAmp and use your other hand to get underneath the device and slowly leverage it upward NOT BY BRUTE FORCE but by allowing air to slowly sip under the suction tape. This might take a number of seconds until the unit will “surrender” and disconnect from the guitar. DO NOT use too much force as it might damage the ToneWoodAmp .”

Do not remove the suction rail tape from the metal rail. This liner is crucial to protect
your guitar and provide a non-slip experience.

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