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Current Firmware / Software versionUpdated 9 months ago

The latest version of ToneWoodAmp is 2.70 and it includes the following changes:

Chorus Effect is an optional Effect update that replaces Overdrive with controllable Rate, Depth, and Reverb parameters.

DI Auto-Lock is a new Firmware addition to Global Settings. When enabled, this locks the TWA from changing effects or parameters after a set time between 5-30 seconds while using the TWA in DI mode. When locked, TWA can be unlocked by holding the Amplitude button down for one second or by removing the cable from the output jack.

DI Level Type is another new Firmware addition to Global Settings. There are two options, Separate or Master. Selecting Separate, each effect will have its own independent DI volume (prior versions of firmware operate in this fashion). Selecting Master controls the DI volume on all effects with one master volume. Each effect will still have independent gain control.

DI Mute has been changed to a "toggle" control. Quickly mute or activate DI with a single click of the Parameters button when in DI Mode. Turning the Parameters knob will exit DI Mute.

Minor changes include: 

  • Increasing the lock and unlock time to one second 

  • Dim option removed from Global Settings (Default to 5 seconds) 

  • Insert Mode now shows the current selection (insert>series or insert>parallel) 

  • Notch Low and Hi are now Notch 1 and 2. Notch 2 is full-spectrum (40-2090hz) 

  • Minor bug fixes.

Firmware / Effects Update Utility:
Our Update Utility with detailed installation and update instructions can be found here.

This software is Windows and macOS compatible and will allow you to update your ToneWoodAmp to the most recent firmware version and to load new effects when they become available.

If you need help with the update, please reach out to us via the chat icon on our page.

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