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How do I Attach The ToneWoodAmp?

How the ToneWoodAmp attaches.

Neodymium Magnet Safety

Neodymium Magnet Safety

Before You Get Started.

Please Read! Four important steps for getting the best results.

Replacement Parts For Your ToneWoodAmp

How To Get Replacement Parts For Your ToneWoodAmp

What Batteries Do You Recommend?

Many battery types will work with the ToneWoodAmp. Check out our recommendations here.

Attaching / Detaching

Best Practices for Attaching and Removing the ToneWoodAmp

IMPORTANT- Adjusting The Master Gain

IMPORTANT-Dialing in the ToneWoodAmp to Your Guitar's Pickup

Introduction To The ToneWoodAmp

Learn what the ToneWoodAmp is and how it works.