What Batteries Do You Recommend?

To reduce costs, pollution, and waste, we recommend using rechargeable batteries with your ToneWoodAmp. We recommend the Tenavolt 2775 mWh. If rechargeables are not an option, high-quality Alkaline batteries like Energizer or Duracell are recommended. Most batteries designed for high-current devices will work well.

Avoid using Carbon Zinc batteries as they cannot handle large loads for extended periods, resulting in intermittent power loss. Adjusting your ToneWoodAmp settings can also impact battery life. High gain settings and improper transducer placement can lead to excessive power consumption.

Consider these tips when selecting batteries:
- Higher mAh batteries (e.g., 2500 mAh) will last longer than lower mAh batteries (e.g., 600 mAh). Aim for at least 2300 mAh.
- Set your ToneWoodAmp battery type in the Global Settings Menu for accurate low battery notifications.
- Alkaline batteries provide fresh voltage of 4.5-4.7V, with a low battery threshold of 3.2V, offering 6-8 hours of use.
- Ni-MH rechargeable batteries provide fresh voltage of 3.9V-4.2V, with a low battery threshold of 2.9V, offering 8-10 hours of use and charging in 6-8 hours.
- Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries maintain a constant 4.7V until fully depleted, making them an excellent choice. They charge in 2 hours.
- To change battery type, access the Global Settings menu and select the desired option.

Remember to remove the batteries if storing the ToneWoodAmp for extended periods to prevent leaks that can damage the circuit board. Change all three batteries simultaneously with fresh sets of the same type to avoid issues caused by mixing old and new batteries.