Attaching / Detaching

Safely Attaching And Removing The ToneWoodAmp

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How to Attach and Detach the ToneWoodAmp:
1. If you’ve left one of the protective liners on one of the suction rails, with the guitar face down,
simply lift up on the bottom side of the ToneWoodAmp in a door opening motion and remove
the device.

If both suction rails are exposed, it may take a little more effort to detach the device. Grip the two half-round sides of the device and use your other hand to get underneath the front to slowly lever-age it upward. Do not use brute force as it might damage the ToneWoodAmp! Just allow air to slowly slip under the suction tape.
It might take a few seconds for the unit to disconnect from the guitar.

To re-attach the ToneWoodAmp from the guitar:
Hold the device using two hands with your fingertips below the bottom.

Hover the device over the back of the guitar, and search for the point of strongest attraction from the magnetic x-brace.

Allow the ToneWoodAmp to gently snap onto the magnets, using your fingertips to temper the