Can I Order an Extra X-Brace or Pickup?

Using ToneWoodAmp with Multiple Guitars


We offer both additional X-Braces and pickups on our order page

Additional items can be added to a ToneWoodAmp* order by clicking the 'Add More Products' button in your cart. Otherwise, You can click 'Order Accessories Here' on our order page to find X-Braces, Pickups, and additional TWA accessories for purchase.

 We also offer two bundles that include a TWA and either the Fishman Neo-D humbucking soundhole pickup for steel string or the Kremona NG-1 tiebar pickup for nylon string instruments. 

*Please note: a standard order for a ToneWoodAmp includes one X-Brace and a patch cable. If you'd like a pickup as well, you will need to select the appropriate bundle or add it as an additional product.