Do You Recommend a Specific Pickup to Use With The ToneWoodAmp?

There are numerous pickup designs and install methods. As a result, pickup output and tonal qualities, especially when using ToneWoodAmp, may vary from instrument to instrument.

Generally, we have had a very good experience with most under-saddle piezo pickups, Taylor Expression System II*, K&K Pure Mini*, and with most humbucking magnetic pickups like the Dimarzio Black Angel

If the guitar is equipped with a hybrid microphone/piezo pickup system like the LR Baggs Anthem, the user should blend most of the signal from the microphone out and use predominately the piezo's signal to avoid feedback.

For systems like the K&K Trinity Pro where an external preamp is used, you can blend out the mic, OR bypass the preamp altogether. When bypassing the preamp, using a mono cable in the stereo jack will only activate the transducers and not the mic. This will typically require a more in-depth configuration of Master Gain and Notch Filters on the ToneWoodAmp to set the best tone.  

Any microphone-only or a very "microphonic" pickup, like the LR Baggs Lyric, won't work well with the ToneWoodAmp, as it will cause immediate and uncontrollable feedback.

We've had great luck with and highly recommend the following pickups for use with ToneWoodAmp:

K&K Pure Mini
Dimarzio Black Angel
Taylor Expression System II

It is essential to set and save the Master Gain (and if needed the Notch Filters) in the initial setup, regardless of what pickup you're using.
*High gain pickups, like the aforementioned K&K Pure MINI and Expression 2 can be very sensitive to hi-gain effects such as the Auto-Wah and Overdrive. To ensure the best results, we recommend you first read about Using High Gain effects with Sensitive Pickups. It may be imperative for you to change and overwrite the default Volume and Gain setting for these effects from the Effect Memory.