Holds And Combo Clicks

Understanding the Different Click Types

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Combo Clicks And Hold Effects

Some essential actions require clicking two knobs simultaneously:

Combo-click Effects and Parameters to enter the Global Settings menu.

Combo-click Parameters and Amplitude to enter the D.I. Mode Settings menu.

Combo-click Effects and Amplitude to Lock and Unlock the ToneWoodAmp knobs.

Note: In DI Lock Mode (when output is connected), you can UNLOCK the TWA by holding ONLY the Amplitude knob. 

Locking prevents accidental knob adjustment during play.
In addition to combo clicks certain functions are done by clicking and holding one knob:

Click and hold Effects for two seconds to access the Memory menu.

Click and hold Parameters for two seconds to access the Insert (iDevice) menu.

Click and hold Amplitude for two seconds to access the Notch Filters menu.

Note: When in DI Lock Mode, holding the Amplitude knob will UNLOCK the ToneWoodAmp