How do I Attach The ToneWoodAmp?

Positioning and Installing the Magnetic X-brace

The ToneWoodAmp installation is quick and tool-free, leaving no permanent impact on your guitar. To ensure successful installation, please watch the video on Positioning your TWA, and Installing the X-brace..

The X-Brace is a four-magnet unit connected in an X shape, securely attached internally to the back of your instrument using semi-permanent 3M adhesive foam (removable with care). Before applying the adhesive, it's important to perform a "dry" test fitting.

Here's how to install the X-Brace after positioning the ToneWoodAmp:

  1. Loosen your guitar strings with the TWA taped in place for easy access to the sound-hole.
  2. Insert the X-Brace through the sound-hole as a test to feel the strength of the magnets and make sure you can easily access the area for installation.
  3. Once attached, check to make sure the brace is properly aligned with the ToneWoodAmp on the other side. - adjust as needed. Once satisfied, proceed to step 4.
  4. Remove the protective layer from the four magnets and insert the X-Brace through the sound-hole.
  5. While the ToneWoodAmp remains secured, allow the magnets to slowly snap into position, applying firm pressure for at least 10 seconds. Ensure all four magnets make contact.
  6. Tighten your strings and tune your guitar.
  7. Remove the tape from the back of the guitar.

Once installed, attaching and detaching the ToneWoodAmp will be simple. You can purchase additional X-Braces on our Order page for use with multiple guitars.