How Does ToneWoodAmp Work With L.R. Baggs Lyric (or Other Microphone Only Solutions)?

The L.R. Baggs Lyric (or other microphone-only systems) are not directly compatible with the ToneWoodAmp, as the combination will create an instant, uncontrollable feedback loop.

However, if you combine a microphone pickup system with a soundhole magnetic pickup (such as the Fishman Neo-D), unique tone capabilities will be unlocked!


  • Off Stage (unplugged): When playing off stage or unplugged(un-amplified), use the Neo-D (or another soundhole pickup) as your main source to feed the TWA. You will hear the natural tone of your guitar + the effects from the ToneWoodAmp. The Neo-D is a passive humbucker pickup - allowing you to keep the ToneWoodAmp connected to your guitar without the worry of draining your batteries. 

  • On Stage: When playing on stage, use your Lyric as you normally do (connected to a DI or an AMP). Use the Neo-D to "feed" the TWA and use the Lyric to capture not only your guitar's natural tone but also the ToneWoodAmp's effects. This will provide you with a unique experience while capturing the organic tone combined with the ToneWoodAmp.

Please note: Hybrid pickup systems that combine a microphone with a piezo or contact pickup will work with ToneWoodAmp most of the mic's signal is blended out.