IMPORTANT- Adjusting The Master Gain

Balancing Your Pickup With The ToneWoodAmp


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Adjusting the Master Gain on your ToneWoodAmp is crucial to finding the optimal output level for your acoustic guitar pickups and preamps. This guide will walk you through the process of configuring the ToneWoodAmp with your guitar and adjusting the Master Gain setting.


Initial Setup:

  1. Reset the EQ on your acoustic guitar to a flat position and set the volume to its lowest level.

   (Skip this step if your guitar lacks EQ or volume control.)

  1. Plug your guitar into the ToneWoodAmp Input jack.
  2. Power on the ToneWoodAmp by holding the blue Power button for one second.

   (Avoid touching the knobs at this stage.)

  1. Gradually increase your guitar's volume while playing single notes.

   Aim to achieve a comfortable effect volume with the guitar volume set halfway up.

   If successful, proceed to the magnetic x-brace installation.

   If the effect volume is too quiet or too loud, adjust the Master Gain.


Adjusting the Master Gain:

  1. Simultaneously combo-click and release the Effects and Parameters knobs.

   This action will display the "Settings" menu.

   (Note: Quick click and release, do not click and hold to avoid accessing other menus.)

  1. Rotate the Effects knob clockwise until you see "Master Gain" (or "Gain%" with older Firmware).
  2. Click the Effects knob to enter the menu, then turn the knob to select the desired Master Gain value.

   Choose a value between 5-100% that allows comfortable audibility of the ToneWoodAmp's effect without feedback or distortion, with your guitar volume set halfway up.

  1. Click the Effects knob again to confirm and apply the selected Master Gain value.

   Note: It is necessary to click the knob for the settings to take effect. You won't notice any difference until you do so.