Installing the Nylon-String bundle

How To Install The ToneWoodAmp With The B-KNG Bundles
(Install video made by Kremona Guitars).

ToneWoodAmp setup with the Kremona NG-1 (B-KNG bundle):

  1. For the KNA NG-1, you will need to set the Master Gain and both Notch Filters. Save these settings in a new Guitar Settings “Mode”(on a different memory position such as Guitar 2, 3, 4, or 5).
  2. Set the Master Gain to 15-20%.
  3. Set the Notch Filters to:
    1. Low filter: Frequency (“Parameters” knob) = 261hz*, Cut (“Effects” knob) = 20*.
    2. High filter: Frequency = 866hz*, Cut = 18*
    3. *estimated position only, values might vary between guitars