Is ToneWoodAmp Compatible With a K&K Pure Mini?

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Yes! It's one of our favorites! 

ToneWoodAmp works with the K&K Pure Mini. ToneWoodAmp SOLO has the ability to work with virtually any passive or active pickups as the ToneWoodAmp is a pre-amp in itself. 

If using in passive mode (no preamp), you will most likely need to lower the master gain and set the notch filters. Once the Notch Filter settings are dialed in, you can increase the master gain to bring out more volume. 

To check out a demo of the K&K Pure Mini in action, click here.

Other systems like the Trinity Pro and Ultra-Pure Systems work as well.

Note on the Trinity Pro (Without using the external preamp): 
The ToneWoodAmp has a Mono Input jack. Even if your Output jack is stereo, only channel 1 will send through the ToneWoodAmp. (The Transducers and NOT the Mic Channel).