Mode - DI Level Type

Global Settings: Direct Input (DI) Level Type

When you plug a cable into the Output jack while in Direct Input (DI) mode, you can choose the type of output volume. You have two choices: 

  1. Master - Maintains uniform volume across all effects in DI Mode 
  2. Separate - Allows individual volume setting for each effect in DI Mode

Here's how you can adjust the DI level type on your TWA:

  1. Perform a combo-click on the Effects and Parameters options. The settings will then be shown on the display.

  1. Rotate the Effects knob clockwise until the display reads 'DI Level Type'.

  1. Press the Effects knob once more, and rotate it to select either 'Per Effect' or 'Master'.

  1. Confirm your selection by pressing the Effects knob.