Mode - DI Lock Time

Locking The Knobs When Used On Stage

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Global Settings: DI Lock Time

When you connect a cable to the Output jack (DI Mode), the ToneWoodAmp can automatically lock the knobs to prevent accidental changes to your settings while playing. Use this option to select the amount of time before the knobs lock. To Unlock when in DI Mode, simply hold the Amplitude knob for 1 second. It will automatically re-lock after inactivity.

To adjust the DI Lock time on your TWA:
1. Combo-click Effects and Parameters. Settings will appear on the display.

2. Turn the Effects knob clockwise until you see Sleep.

3. Click the Effects knob again, and turn the knob to change the amount of time before the knobs on the ToneWoodAmp lock. 

4. Click the Effects knob once more to confirm your selection.

You can select a time between 5 and 30 seconds, or DI Lock Off if you choose not to use the function. 

NOTE: The knobs will not auto-lock until left inactive for the set amount of time.