Mode - Guitar

Switching between Multiple Guitars

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Available ToneWoodAmp Modes - Guitar

Global Guitar Settings: Guitar (Guitars 1 - 5)

When using the ToneWoodAmp with multiple guitars, you may find that your presets sound great with one guitar but do not work the same with another. This can be caused by different pickup types, output levels, or other physical aspects of the guitars. Therefore, when moving the ToneWoodAmp from one guitar to another you may need to set custom gain and tonal settings for each instrument. The ToneWoodAmp has five editable global Guitar presets, each with its own Master Gain and Notch Filter settings.

To modify the Guitar settings in the Global Settings menu:

1. Combo-click Effects and Parameters. You will see "settings" on your screen.

2. Turn the Effects knob until you see Guitar#.

3. Click the Effects knob to see which guitar preset you are currently on (for example, Guitar 1.)

4. Turn the Effects knob to select a new Guitar preset between 1–5.

5. Click the Effects knob again to select the displayed guitar preset.

Gain and Notch Filter settings are stored to these presets. If they were previously set, and you change the guitar number, this will change your Master Gain and Notch settings. 
Set the Master Gain for each guitar you use.