Mode - Sleep

Activating Sleep Mode When Stepping Away.

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Available ToneWoodAmp Mode - Sleep

Global Settings: Sleep Mode

Using an accelerometer, much like those in a smartphone or tablet, the ToneWoodAmp automatically detects when the guitar is placed vertically on a stand and can enter a sleep state to extend battery life. When you pick up your guitar, the ToneWoodAmp wakes up and uses its last used settings.

To put the ToneWoodAmp in a sleep state to save batteries while not in use:
Combo-click Effects and Parameters. Settings will appear on the display.

Turn the Effects knob clockwise until you see Sleep.

Click the Effects knob again, and turn the knob to change the amount of time before the ToneWoodAmp goes into Sleep mode after being placed on a stand.

You can select 10–90 seconds in increments of 10, or No Sleep to not use the function.

Click the Effects knob again to select and save.

NOTE: Sleep mode disables automatically when the ToneWoodAmp is connected to an amp or PA system.

WARNING: If your guitar has a battery-powered preamp and is plugged into a ToneWoodAmp, the preamp will remain active even if the ToneWoodAmp is powered off. Since this will drain the battery, we recommend disconnecting the 1⁄4-in cable from the guitar when it is not being played.