Mode - Start With

Powering On to Default, or Stored Presets


Available ToneWoodAmp Mode - Start With

Global Settings>Start With

Upon power-up, you can choose whether the device starts with:

• the first effect selected on preset 1;

- Or -

• your last effect and preset used before powering down.

To select the best option to start with:
1. Combo-click Effects and Parameters.

2. Turn the Effects knob until you see Start With.

3. Click the Effects knob to select this menu.

4. Turn the Effects knob to select between Last Used or Patch 1

5. Confirm your selection by clicking the Effects knob.

NOTE: When you set to the "Last Used" option, your last used preset on the current effect will be recalled, but all other effects revert to those in preset 1, regardless of which Start With the option you choose. If you want a certain preset to be recalled immediately upon switching to an effect, store it to preset 1.