Positioning The TWAmp

Finding the "Sweet Spot" where your ToneWoodAmp Fits and Sounds Best.

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Perfectly Position Your ToneWoodAmp To Optimise Your Sound:

To position the device on your guitar:

1. Lay your acoustic guitar face down on a safe and sturdy surface (such as padded table, bed, or sofa).

2. Place the device in the proper position for your acoustic guitar body type.




3. Remove the transparent protective liner from ONE suction rail on the back of the ToneWoodAmp.
Leave the other suction rail liner with the yellow label on for now.

4. Use two long pieces of 3M/Scotch blue painters tape to secure the device temporarily to the guitar.
We recommend using this specific brand of tape because it will not leave any residue on your guitar.
To ensure proper function of the ToneWoodAmp, both suction rails on the underside of the device 

must be in full contact with the back of your guitar.