Replacement Parts For Your ToneWoodAmp

How to get Spare Parts

At, we offer various replacement parts for your convenience. To inquire about specific parts, please contact us at


Suction Pads:

If the suction pads on the bottom of your ToneWoodAmp are dirty, curling, or ripped, you can easily order replacement suction pads from our website.


Knobs, Battery Doors, Exciter Cones:

If you need replacement parts such as rubber cones for the bottom of your ToneWoodAmp or a battery door, please email us with your shipping address. We will promptly provide you with the cost of the required part (which is affordable) and a shipping quote.


X-Brace Adhesive Dots:

If you have used up the adhesive dots during installation or have moved your ToneWoodAmp to another guitar, you can find 3M Double Stick adhesive foam at most hardware or department stores. It may need trimming to fit the X-Brace magnets.


For customers within the US, we are pleased to offer one complimentary set of X-Brace adhesive dots. Simply send us an email, and we will send them to you via stamp and envelope.