Troubleshooting Feedback

Balancing the Signal Between Your Guitar and Pickup

If you're experiencing feedback with your ToneWoodAmp, follow these steps to cut the problematic frequencies.

For guitars equipped with a preamp (volume/EQ controls) -

  • Make sure your EQ is set flat and not boosting any frequencies. Generally, this is the 12 o clock position. 

  • Set your volume to zero, and slowly turn it up until you can comfortably and clearly hear the effects from TWA without feedback. The goal is approximately 50% volume from your guitar. If you cannot go 

  • Guitar Preamps equipped with Phase, Notch, or Blend options should be tested to see which configuration works best with your ToneWoodAmp. Please familiarize yourself with all preamp options available to you. 

Set the Master Gain on the ToneWoodAmp.

  • Combo-click the Effects and Parameters knobs simultaneously. The Global Settings menu appears in the display

  • Turn the Effects knob clockwise until you see Master Gain (or gain% on older firmware)

  • Click the Effects knob and rotate to set the level of Master Gain. Choose a value in the range of 5–100%. 

  • Click the Effects knob once to confirm and apply the displayed value.
    The ToneWoodAmp's effects should be clearly audible with no clipping, grittiness, or feedback. 

Set the Notch Filters 

**Regarding Microphone Type Pickup Systems** 

When ToneWoodAmp is used in conjunction with a microphone-type system, a feedback loop is created. Therefore TWA is NOT compatible with mic-only systems.

If you have a blend preamp system that incorporates a microphone pickup with a piezo or contact pickup, you’ll need to blend out all of the mic channel from the microphone and use primarily the piezo or contact pickup to avoid creating a feedback loop.

If you’ve tried these steps and you’re still experiencing feedback with your ToneWoodAmp, please reach out to