Troubleshooting Power Issues

To troubleshoot power issues with your ToneWoodAmp, please follow these steps:


- Confirm Battery Voltage:

   - The ToneWoodAmp displays the current battery voltage on the screen when powering it on or off.

   - The displayed voltage represents the combined voltage of all three batteries (4.5v = 1.5v per battery).

   - The ideal voltage range is 4.7v-3.6v. If the voltage drops below this threshold, the ToneWoodAmp may shut down during intense strumming


- Replace All Three AA Batteries:

   - Ensure that you have replaced all three batteries in your ToneWoodAmp.

   - If only two batteries are replaced, the startup voltage will read between 3.3v-3.8v.


- Use Only Quality Batteries:

   - "Value-brand" batteries may not handle devices with fluctuating currents well, leading to a short lifespan or intermittent power loss.

   - For alkaline batteries, it is recommended to use reputable brands like Duracell or Energizer.

   - Consider using Tenavolt AA Rechargeable batteries available on Amazon.


- Check Battery Contact Tabs:

   - Inspect the two metal tabs on the underside of the battery door to ensure they make solid contact with the AA batteries.

   - If compressed, gently lift them with your thumbnail to restore them to their original position.


If you have attempted these steps and continue to experience power issues, please contact for further assistance.