Using a Looper with ToneWoodAmp

Loop stations are an easy and fun way to add more to your playing. Using a loop station will work best if you will use an amplifier at the end of the chain. 

You can plug the loop station in two ways:

1. PRE-ToneWoodAmp: Guitar>Looper>ToneWoodAmp. E.G. all loop sounds will be recorded dry/clean BEFORE entering the ToneWoodAmp.

2. PRE-amplifier: Guitar>ToneWoodAmp>Looper>Amplifier. E.G. Between the TWAmp's D.I. out and an amplifier, in this case, all looped sound will be recorded WET.

Some looper pedals have a lower output volume than most pickups, so we recommend pairing this combination with an external amplifier as well.