Using Effects

How To Change and Edit the Effects


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Understanding the Controls of the ToneWoodAmp

The ToneWoodAmp is equipped with three knobs: Effects, Parameters, and Amplitude. Each of these knobs serves a specific purpose in controlling the device's effects and sound output.

Effects Knob:

The Effects knob allows you to select from a range of eight effects available on the ToneWoodAmp, including Reverb (hall, room, plate), Delay, Tremolo Delay, Tremolo Leslie Style, Auto-wah, and Overdrive. By turning the Effects knob, you can scroll through the different effects, and the currently displayed effect is the one that is active.

Note: To switch between effects, you need to turn the knob three clicks to prevent accidental adjustments during your performance.

Parameters Knob:

The Parameters knob is used to adjust the behavior of the selected effect. Each effect on the ToneWoodAmp has three programmable parameters. When you select an effect, the most significant parameter for that effect is automatically selected as the default. To adjust this parameter, simply turn the Parameters knob. Clicking the knob allows you to cycle through the second, third, and back to the first parameters of the effect.

For instance, let's consider the Delay effect, which has Speed, Feedback, and Reverb parameters. When adjusting the Parameters knob, it initially modifies the Speed of the delay effect. As you turn the knob, the display shows the parameter name and its current value (ranging from 0 to 25). To select the other Delay parameters, click the Parameters knob to cycle through Feedback, Reverb, and eventually back to Speed.

Amplitude Knob:

The Amplitude knob on the ToneWoodAmp controls the volume of the effect (default) and its gain. By turning the Amplitude knob, you can adjust the volume of the effect, and the display shows the current value of the Volume parameter (ranging from 0 to 25). Clicking the Amplitude knob allows you to adjust the gain of the effect.

Note: It's important to remember that while both volume and gain can be programmed within the effect preset, they do not affect the overall volume of the ToneWoodAmp. The overall volume is set using the Master Gain in the Global Settings Menu.

By understanding and effectively utilizing these three knobs, you can explore various effects and fine-tune your sound with the ToneWoodAmp.