What Type of Pickups do you Offer?

ToneWoodAmp offers technician-free pickups from top US brands that are tested and modified for seamless integration with the ToneWoodAmp.

Introducing ToneWoodAmp, offering technician-free* pickups from leading US brands specifically tested and modified to seamlessly integrate with your ToneWoodAmp. Enhance both the performance and aesthetics of your guitar with our high-quality pickups.

For steel string guitars, consider the Fishman Neo-D Humbucking Magnetic Soundhole Pickup, available in the B-FMP bundle or as a later upgrade. If you have a nylon string guitar, the Kremona NG-1 tie-bar Pickup is an excellent option, available in the B-KNG bundle or as a later upgrade.

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*Our technician-free pickups allow for easy self-installation, connection, testing, and usage. However, if you prefer to wire the pickup through the end-pin, professional assistance may be advisable.

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