Which Apps Can I Use With The ToneWoodAmp?

First, please note that the ToneWoodAmp is a stand-alone device and does not require the use of apps or smartphones/tables to operate. 

You are free to experiment with any audio app that comes to mind. Some of these apps include effect, amp modeling, pitch to MIDI, and soft synths apps. Examples of some specific apps we have successfully used are listed below*. 

Guitar Effect Apps will use the AUDIO signal from your ToneWoodAmps output jack to layer different effects on top of our DSP effects. These apps can be used for both Android and iOS and some third-party hardware may be required (iRig)

Midi Apps work differently than Audio apps and use MIDI signals to create sounds of other instruments, instead of effects or amp modeling. 

Midi Guitar 2 app is needed to listen and convert your Audio signal to Midi in order to be used with Midi Apps. This is currently limited to iOS only as Android does not yet offer support for Virtual Midi.

It is possible to route multiple apps together using AudioBus 3.

Please check this page about using an iDevice  (the page includes two videos and text)

*(iDevice cable required - sold separately - see our Order Page)