Which Guitars Are Compatible With the ToneWoodAmp?

Confirming Compatibility

- Compatible guitars: Most steel and nylon string acoustic, electric/acoustic guitars, and basses with a flat or slightly arched back.

- Thin body acoustic guitars: Installation of the Magnetic X-Brace may be more challenging due to limited space in the body.

- Full-body acoustic archtop jazz guitars and f-hole instruments: ToneWoodAmp cannot be installed using the Magnetic X-Brace due to the absence of a large soundhole.

- Semi-acoustic electric guitars: Traditional acoustic soundholes are required for mounting the X-Brace, but a temporary solution like 3M Blue Painter's Tape can be used.

- Ovation Guitars: ToneWoodAmp is not considered compatible due to the bowl-shaped back, although some models with a removable back access plate may work.

- Incompatible guitars: Guitars with nonstandard or very small soundholes, no soundholes, thin bodies, or irregular back surfaces or shapes.

- Pickup requirement: A pickup is necessary for electric/acoustic guitars, and pickup bundles are available for steel-string and nylon string guitars.