Chorus in Beta Testing.

*UPDATE 12-11-17*

Beta testing is CLOSED for this round. We open it back up soon to test the final revisions before being released to the public. 

*UPDATE 10-26-17*

We are starting our second round of Beta testing for the new Chorus effect and Firmware. This round will be limited to 60 users for now.

This update requires a MicroUSB DATA cable and computer with internet access.

If you are interested in beta testing, please submit a support ticket. We will be accepting beta testers until the quota is full.

For other users who want to wait until the release is final, we will attempt to notify you when this feature is available. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you will be notified!


TWA Team.

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..been testing for several weeks...firmware upgrade is solid, and the effects upgrade has ...TA TA...   CHORUS !!!!!   This effect is great, and for me ,personally, it's worth all the other effects put together.

(please note ...I almost always use the chorus effect  exclusively when plugged into an amp, That's why this is a big deal for me) 

It's good to have chorus effect.. but I find I like hall and plate reverb.. or autowah for some funk.. :p
I am testing out the chorus effect. Is it just me or did we lose the trem delay effect?


It's not just you. Keep in mind, this is all still in Beta for now. In the final version, you're able to choose the effect to overwrite. 

does that mean, i can't keep all the effects: (hall, room, plate, delay, 'chorus', tremdly, leslie, autowah, overdrive)...

adding more effects is great, being able to set the effect to personal taste / preference.. like: hall1, hall2, hall3


The memory is limited to a certain number of effects. We have a solution that we think you'll like. 

We're releasing a newer update utility with the option to choose which effect to overwrite. 

More info as it comes along. 



It would be great to keep all the existing effects.. maybe limit the save to 1 or 2.. original and edited.. or just edit the effect to suit the players preference based on the acoustic guitar he is using.. Guitar1, Guitar2, Guitar3 (each with its own effect as set by owner per guitar)

You might be jumping ahead a little too much. :)

Currently, we're focusing on making the Chorus available.

We may integrate option like this in the future, but not in this next update.



Replaced overdrive with chorus, seriously amazing effect, goes anywhere from subtle to in your face, this is sure to impress once fully released.
When updating and adding the Chorus effect do you have to reset your master gain and all your filters?


Yes. The update is a full reset. You will need to reconfigure the Master Gain and Notch settings on your guitar. 

How do i assign which effect I want to keep or replace.. I think tremdly is better than leslie.. but that's just me. Thanks for update.. before Christmas release?

Chorus is working well for me so far after making initial adjustments. 

The utility gives you an option of 3 effects to replace.

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