Chorus in Beta Testing.

*UPDATE 12-11-17*

Beta testing is CLOSED for this round. We open it back up soon to test the final revisions before being released to the public. 

*UPDATE 10-26-17*

We are starting our second round of Beta testing for the new Chorus effect and Firmware. This round will be limited to 60 users for now.

This update requires a MicroUSB DATA cable and computer with internet access.

If you are interested in beta testing, please submit a support ticket. We will be accepting beta testers until the quota is full.

For other users who want to wait until the release is final, we will attempt to notify you when this feature is available. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you will be notified!


TWA Team.

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I'd like a chance to try that update myself.
How do I choose which effect to replace?


It's on our latest Utility. I'll be sending it to the original beta testers soon. 

If you used the older update (where you manually selected the files) this wasn't an option at that time.

The newest utility is much nicer and easier to follow. Plus, you no longer have to manually select the Firmware and Effect files.



When will you be sending out the latest Utility to the original beta testers?


I never usually use chorus so I was surprised at how much I am enjoying this beta update. The Tonewood Amp is such a great product. I wasn’t expecting it to be such a great effects unit plugged into an Amp or PA!

Just sent it out Kris.



I wasn't a big fan of Chorus either until the update. 

It's quickly becoming my go-to effect. 

I intend to purchase a TWA soon, but before I do, is Chorus going to be included with new units?  Or will Chorus always be a software feature that you have to manually incorporate (i.e., overwrite an existing effect)?


Once it's officially released, the new batches will be preloaded with the updated firmware.

Is there an ETA on when the Chorus will be available? If not, are there still beta allotments available? Thanks

Dave, I heard that TWA units with chorus were shown at 2018 NAMM.  Are these new prototypes, or were they existing models that had the chorus update installed (at the expense of having to offload an effect)?  If they were prototypes, is there a projected release date?  Thanks


There is a version that is ready, and we're working on a secondary version that we may use also. 

We will open up more beta spots soon once we are ready to test a bit more. 

Those that we demo at NAMM were regular TWA units. It's a simple USB update and works on all of them. 

Oh guys this is killing me - love the unit - was one of the first batch of supporters - never had a moments trouble with it - BUT I want Chorus! Come on - if it worked OK at NAMM why can't you release it into the wild - there's only so much Beta testing that can be done.... pretty please? Mick

If I were to purchase a TWA today, would I be allowed to download and install Chorus?  Or is the availability strictly limited to the beta testers?  I was hoping to wait until the newer units came out with Chorus installed, but I reckon I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get one now.

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