Chorus in Beta Testing.

*UPDATE 12-11-17*

Beta testing is CLOSED for this round. We open it back up soon to test the final revisions before being released to the public. 

*UPDATE 10-26-17*

We are starting our second round of Beta testing for the new Chorus effect and Firmware. This round will be limited to 60 users for now.

This update requires a MicroUSB DATA cable and computer with internet access.

If you are interested in beta testing, please submit a support ticket. We will be accepting beta testers until the quota is full.

For other users who want to wait until the release is final, we will attempt to notify you when this feature is available. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you will be notified!


TWA Team.

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We're keeping the beta testers to people who have used the TWA for some time and understand the operation.

Brand new users typically haven't been helpful with the beta testing as they are still learning the overall setup and operation. 

I am one of the lucky beta testers and I think TWA wants to iron out all the bugs and kinks of new firmware and effects before release to all TWA owners... the update updates firmware and allows you to replace one of following effect (room, tremdly, overdrv).. it is good to let owners pick which effect they want to keep. I am also eagerly awaiting when they will finalize and release it. As well as the bridge mute device. My advice is get rechargeable AA batteries.. just search for the topics and get the recommended ones.

For me, the chorus effect is infinitely more usable than the Overdrive, it adds a fantastic thickness to my guitars sound that helps fill a small room easily and sounds great. As with most chorus effects, I find if you lay it on thick it produces a natural 'driven' sound to the sound of an acoustic instrument, which I find to be far superior to the Overdriven sound from the original TWA firmware. I do notice that feedback can be an issue with a very high depth applied to the sound, but I think it has a good amount of dynamic range to the sound, one just has to be cautious when pushing it hard.

I haven't even received my TWA yet, but I know I will prefer Chorus to Overdrive.

My order is shipping sometime after this week (3/5/18). Will the Chorus upgrade already be installed? Will I need to do a utility update?

If not, I'd be interested to know how to load Chorus and drop Overdrive.

They are not shipping with the Chorus since it is not officially released yet. Once it's available, it's a quick USB update from your computer to reprogram with the latest firmware and effects. 

Any update on when users might get hold of the new firmware?

Unfortunately we don't have a release date. We're still waiting on most of the beta testers to get back to us. We've yet to hear back from the majority of them! 

Could it be as the old saying goes: "No news is good news."? Usually people are quick to feedback problems, but less so when things are working well. This could mean that the testers are happy with the product.
I did report that when you change the settings on 2nd or 3rd knob that the number go >25 but when you try turn counter clockwise and clockwise it max out at 25.. I believe it's more glitch that doesn't really affect performance on TWA, my firmware version is displayed as 2.60ee13 not sure if there is another version.
Yep, I can understand that, although equally I get why the lovely TWA folks who brought us this absolutely awesome product would want to be rock solid in their testing->production workflow. As a user, I certainly don’t mind waiting until that point. My TWA is just so fantastically brilliant just as it is. I’d love to try the chorus feature but I’m happy to be patient. 
The release of the Chorus effect is much like the Dance of the Seven Veils: lots of exciting possibility but we never get to see anything ...or perhaps Waiting for Godot: We sit through the entire play with great anticipation but he never arrives.   It has now been over a year.  Sorry guys - but the excuses have worn pretty thin. The way this has been handled has done you and your product no credit.  Better to have said nothing and released it when it actually could be released.

Wayne and Ian, if you want to try it, shoot us an email at and we'll get you set up. We're going to get to get an email out to all of the beta testers shortly with a few questions about their experience with the chorus. 

I'm anxious to hear the chorus as well! I've had my TWA for about a month now and I LOVE it!
FYI, TWA latest beta firmware is 2.66ee21. I spoke to Dave, from TWA tech team, in regards to official release of official firmware, and he assures that they are doing stringent testing to ensure official firmware is free from any bugs or glitches.. I smell good news for TWA owners.. another great feature is after updating firmware and adding chorus (upon your discretion whether you want it or keep all original effects).. is all setting from notch filter are kept unless you do a factory default restore. I hope that brightens your day... if I gave incorrect information.. the TWA will chime in and give update... Enjoy your TWA and strum on..

Any update on this to start off the month of June, 2018?

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