Chorus in Beta Testing.

*UPDATE 12-11-17*

Beta testing is CLOSED for this round. We open it back up soon to test the final revisions before being released to the public. 

*UPDATE 10-26-17*

We are starting our second round of Beta testing for the new Chorus effect and Firmware. This round will be limited to 60 users for now.

This update requires a MicroUSB DATA cable and computer with internet access.

If you are interested in beta testing, please submit a support ticket. We will be accepting beta testers until the quota is full.

For other users who want to wait until the release is final, we will attempt to notify you when this feature is available. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you will be notified!


TWA Team.

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I second the previous comment. I was blown away by the effect and how my Martin sounded! It works very well so far but I only installed it a couple of days ago, however very impressive!

Gotta Third that comment. Chorus does everything from subtle coloring of my Taylor's tone to in your face 'wow'ing me with rich brilliance. TWA has been the best investment I've made in my acoustic guitar performance since purchasing my Guitar, Keep it up guys!

*UPDATE 07-26-18

Beta testing is complete for the new Chorus Effect and a stable version including the Chorus effect is available at While this version is tested and stable, We are still working on more updates that will be available to the public soon and will be considered our "official" release.

You will need a MicroUSB Data Cable and a computer (PC/Mac). 

Version 2.69 includes the following changes:

DI Auto Lock, a new addition to Global Settings that, when enabled, locks the TWA from changing effects or parameters after a set time between 5-30 seconds while using the TWA in DI mode. When locked, TWA can be unlocked by holding the Amplitude button down for one second or by removing the cable from the Output jack..

DI Level Type, another new addition to Global Settings. There are two options, Separate or Master. Selecting Separate, each effect will have its own independent DI volume (prior versions of firmware operate in this fashion). Selecting Master control the DI volume on all effects with one master volume. Each effect will still have an independent gain control.

DI Mute has been changed to a toggle control. Quickly mute or activate DI with a single click of the Parameters button when in DI Mode. Turning the Parameters knob will exit DI Mute.

Chorus Effect is an optional update that replaces Overdrive with controllable Rate, Reverb, and Depth parameters.

Minor changes include: 

  • Increasing the lock and unlock time to one second 

  • Dim option removed from Global Settings (Default to 5 seconds) 

  • Insert Mode now shows current selection (insert>series or insert>parallel) 

  • Notch Low and Hi are now Notch 1 and 2. Notch 2 is full spectrum (40-2090hz) 

  • Minor bug fixes.

If you need help, please reach out to us at

Currently, firmware shows 2.69ee21 would it be correct to assume that final firmware will be called 2.70, a other question is when will actual official release date of the firmware? Thanks

I have ordered yesterday.  will my unit come to me updated as per the chorus and changes mentioned by Nicholas?

Hi Phillip, we aren't shipping units from the warehouse with chorus. You can update your TWA with chorus by downloading the update utility at

Sure would be nice to be able to choose to overwrite a different effect (Like the tremdly i have never found an acceptable use for) instead of overdrive, which I actually use. 

Keep an eye out for future updates, Joshua.

What is taking so long with getting the beta test to version release?

Jeff, we're beyond beta testing and it's available now for download at

Shoot us an email at if you have any questions!

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