Increasing Battery Life!

We get a lot of questions about short battery life. This is usually fixed by adjusting settings on your ToneWoodAmp!

I personally get around 7 or 8 hours of battery depending on settings and how I play.

Some things to consider:

  • Strumming with a pick is going to drive the TWA a lot harder than fingerpicking.
  • The Voltage reading you see on your TWA is a resting voltage (when not being played)

For example, if you read 3.6 on your batteries, and you start to strum, it may need to draw 3.8V if you drive it hard enough, causing the batteries to shut off due to signal peak.

Low battery indicators will trigger at certain voltages if they stay within a lower threshold for 30 seconds.

  • Is your battery setting on your TWA correct? 
In version 2.50, we have battery options in the Global Settings menu. Make sure your setting matches your battery type for an accurate low battery warning.

You can also adjust the DIM settings which will dim the screen sooner and conserve battery life.

The most common setting to adjust is the Master Gain % from the global settings. A lot of people tend to crank that up way too much expecting it to increase the overall volume of the TWA. That is not the purpose of the Master Gain. It is there to set the incoming signal level TO THE EFFECTS. It will increase the output volume of the TWA, but too much will cause clipping and feedback. I personally set my Master Gain between 5% and 40% depending on the guitar or pickup.

I hope this will help you adjust your TWA to conserve battery life. 

Please feel free to comment and contribute to this article with recommendations on how YOU save your batteries!

I just got mine and this is all good advice! I tend to strum more than finger pick and hope this will suit my needs. I do a lot of Chesney, Buffett, Eagles stuff for gigs. Are there and effects than you all think suit that sort of musician?  I will try them all as I know some effects are better than others for certain songs.  Thanks!

Plate reverb is usually the fan favorite. 

You should be able to tweak the parameters of each effect to your liking depending on what your needs are. 

There's a bit of a honeymoon period, but you should be comfortable with making quick changes before too long.

When I play that style, I really like to use the Leslie. 

Hope this helps!

These are by far the way to go... They are very highly rated rechargeable AA's. They are called "Eneloop Pro" I personally had never found any good rechargeable AA batteries before I gave these a shot. I recommend getting the deal on Amazon that comes with Four AA's and the Charger and buying an ADDITIONAL four pack of just the batteries. I always have "brand new" batteries in mine every day.  

I use my TWA every day for hours while I teach at guitar center and have only had it die on me once and I hadn't swapped them out that day.

I know this sounds like an ad.. No... do not have a AA battery endorsement deal. haha Just a fellow guitar player!

I hope this helps!


Angelo, that's exactly what we recommend to folks who ask!

Hi Angelo,

I'm glad you've discovered the Eneloops. In the Rechargeable Batteries thread I mentioned about 7 or so months ago now that I've been using them for years. I also use an intelligent charger from the same manufacturer. In fact I've been so happy with the unit that I bought a second (slightly more modern one around Xmas as I'd bought cordless candles for the Xmas tree which run on AAA batteries which the charger can also charge. The newer one is the Panasonic BQ-CC55 which has colored LEDs for each battery that let you know the individual charge status.

I trust the Eneloop rechargeables completely. They also (once fully charged) hold their charge for an extremely long time as the self-discharge is really low.


Awesome, I am stoked I found and tried those. I have bought the other big brand rechargeables and was starting to think they were all terrible. Most do not have very many recharges that actually hold the battery life like new..after a few charges, most brands are already lasting noticeably less time before they die. In my experience. The Eneloop pro’s are awesome though.
On battery life: My sincere thanks to others who have posted to the TWA Forum on this topic. I have used your advice which has greatly enhanced my enjoyment of TWA. I suggest: 1. Buy yourself a Panasonic Eneloop charger and two sets of batteries. While you use three batteries, charge the others. 2. Every morning, replace the batteries regardless of their charge with freshly charged Eneloop batteries. I suggest that, if possible, TWA include Eneloop batteries and chargers on their accessories page. For a minor expense, it enhances the enjoyment of the TWA enormously. Great product guys!!!

Thank you so much, Bill!

Thanks for the Feedback on this Bill.

One small suggestion: the Eneloop batteries get stuck in the TWA and need to be gently nudged out. Keep a small tool handy. I use the Allen wrench for my guitar neck, works fine.

Taping the two batteries on the negative side together will also help to get them out together. You can loosen the screws on the bottom of your TWA about a quarter turn to provide for some space for them to slide out as well.

Just be careful not to damage the board if you're using a tool to help coax them out of there!

i go one step further, i take the battery cover off, when not in use, no contact, no draw酪

Is there any issues regarding fitting the Eneloop rechargables in the TWA?  I've been using Duracell ones and they are a bit tight, I had to swap the single one out for a normal AA battery.

Anyone tried Lithium AA batteries in the TWA?

The Eneloop are a similar size to Duracell. For removal with larger batteries, you can loosen the screws on the bottom of TWA about a 1/4" turn to add a bit of space. We also have tried Lithium batteries and they do work great! The Eneloop just seem to last the longest.

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