Increasing Battery Life!

We get a lot of questions about short battery life. This is usually fixed by adjusting settings on your ToneWoodAmp!

I personally get around 7 or 8 hours of battery depending on settings and how I play.

Some things to consider:

  • Strumming with a pick is going to drive the TWA a lot harder than fingerpicking.
  • The Voltage reading you see on your TWA is a resting voltage (when not being played)

For example, if you read 3.6 on your batteries, and you start to strum, it may need to draw 3.8V if you drive it hard enough, causing the batteries to shut off due to signal peak.

Low battery indicators will trigger at certain voltages if they stay within a lower threshold for 30 seconds.

  • Is your battery setting on your TWA correct? 
In version 2.50, we have battery options in the Global Settings menu. Make sure your setting matches your battery type for an accurate low battery warning.

You can also adjust the DIM settings which will dim the screen sooner and conserve battery life.

The most common setting to adjust is the Master Gain % from the global settings. A lot of people tend to crank that up way too much expecting it to increase the overall volume of the TWA. That is not the purpose of the Master Gain. It is there to set the incoming signal level TO THE EFFECTS. It will increase the output volume of the TWA, but too much will cause clipping and feedback. I personally set my Master Gain between 5% and 40% depending on the guitar or pickup.

I hope this will help you adjust your TWA to conserve battery life. 

Please feel free to comment and contribute to this article with recommendations on how YOU save your batteries!

I've been using Eneloop rechargeables (AA + AAA) with everything that needs either size for years now. Since trying them out I've never felt the need to look any further.

I've been using the AA's with the TWA since I got it in April 2017 (without having to loosen any screws) and have never had any size problems with them. Regarding the charge capacity I'm really happy.

Just in case I find myself playing much longer than I envisaged I always have a charged set in reserve. 

I can wholeheartedly recommend eneloop rechargeables in AA + AAA.

Just for information ... I'm not in any way connected with Sanyo/Panasonic/ . I'm just really impressed with what they deliver. They're not the cheapest, but I've never used anything that could be compared to them.

I can also recommend the Panasonic charger BQ-CC55. It can accommodate AA + AAA sizes. It's intelligent, watches over each battery separately, and even lets you know if one of them happens to be defective. It's also not the cheapest on the market, but he who buys cheap, usually also buys at least twice ....


PS I've also seen (and talked to) Mike Dawes demoing the TWA. One of the nicest guys you can hope to meet, and well worth going out of your way to see.

I have already gotten used to unplug the 1/4 inch cable from my guitar. Should I also do it from the TWA in order to save the batteries? Not sure if I read well the instructions. ( foreigner here! )  

No need to unplug the cable from the TWA itself when not in use, just the guitar!

Even reducing the master gain way down to between 5 and 10%, I'm still getting a low battery warning notification. I have even invested in a new set of Energizer rechargeable batteries, yet no difference. Like some others on here, I would be very pleased if the TWA could be powered via the USB jack. A cable would be less of a problem than the frustration of constantly changing out batteries. A great device and playing without it now seems just wrong, so please look into this TWA. 

What's the battery voltage reading you're getting when the batteries are freshly charged? Please make sure you're changing all three! Regardless of Master Gain settings, you should get at least six hours playing time per set of three, per charge!

Thanks for the input, however!

The reading was 3.7 on Duracell rechargeables and now 4.2 on new Energizer ones. I'll try them out in another high drain device to see if they drain as fast, just to ensure they aren't faulty batteries.

Please do. If you continue to have trouble, please send us an email at!

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