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Question before buying. If I have this attached to my guitar and plugged into my Roland amp or the church's PA system, how easy/difficult is it to change or turn off all effects between songs? What if I do not want any effects but I am still plugged into the PA through the Tonewood AMP?

Hey Dave!

When you're in DI mode the TWA still functions the same and you have the options to run the effects only to the amp, or combine the amp with the TWA so it still resonates the guitar.

There's a bypass mode if you are wanting to use the TWA as a preamp without any effects too!

Check out our video on Output jack (D.I)

Hey Dave! Also, when you in a D.I mode (i.e. when a cable is connected to the TWAmp output) you get to control the blend between the effect and the source. Dialing the blend value to 0 will sound only the source, dialing the blend value to 25 will sound only the effect. Anything in between is a different blend (mix). This feature allows you to be very creative and to fine tune the perfect "mix" between source and effect. So you might want to hear only the source but a blend value of 2 or 3 will give a hidden trace of light and natural reverb, one that you can't hear, but definitely can feel.



I am glad to read it.

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