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Hi guys,

Great to see the support forum up and running.  I was going to send you an email but I may as well put it here...

From my point of view, what I'd love to see in the next version of the TWA would be a basic looping ability.  I realise this is quite a lot to ask technically, hence we're talking down the track maybe waaaay off in the future...and I also realise that everyone probably wants some different killer feature.  I have a few thoughts regarding implementation from the customer's view, and basically we're talking some sort of thin wire with a very light button or touch pad running from the main unit on the back of the guitar around to some user-choosable spot on the front.  Given that people are building similar things with Arduinos etc, it's very possible.  Tap to start recording, tap to stop, double-tap to undo/erase, i.e. basically the same functionality as the many one-button loopers that are on the market these days.  I wouldn't even care about being able to access recordings later when connected to a computer, because mainly this idea is motivated by the desire to have a simple "already there" looper when I pick up my guitar, so I don't have to think about cables, power, etc.  In other words, the same motivations that brought us this "already there" amplifier...

Anyway, it'd be interesting to see if there are any others with the same sort of thoughts.  I should add that this is really a case of "how do we make pretty much perfect even better"...   :)

Anyway what does everyone think?



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Hey Ian, 

That would be wonderful to have a loop feature available from the TWA! The only drawback currently is that it would only be able to loop the "effect" portion of the tone, and not the full tone (strings and TWA.) Imagine a very subtle delay playing back-- as soon as you started to play something else, the strummed effect would overpower the effect being looped back and any tone coming from the strings would most likely cancel it out. Perhaps it's a feature we could offer later on down the road. As of right now, you can use the iDevice cable that works with Midi Apps to create new tones and even loop them back and record from an iPad. 

There are several things we want the TWA to do, it's just the process of determining HOW it will work and if it will work well. 

As for the controller- I think if we offered a loop feature, we would have to have something like that to control the loop. Perhaps the built-in accelerometer could be used?


G'day Dave, You make some good points. This forum could really be handy if we could get folks using it more :) Re whether the loop ability would include the source plus effect or just effect: One area of the TWA functionality that I haven't explored at all yet is connecting the 1/4" Output to an external amp or PA (as opposed to the 1/8" Insert to/from iOS which I have played with). But in my layman's understanding, doesn't that output allow you to configure how much dry signal vs wet affected signal is sent to the external amp? If that is correct, then wouldn't a potential looper be able to follow the same principal, and feed back a user-configurable ratio of wet to dry? So let's say we have nothing recorded in the looper yet, and we have for example just a Hall reverb selected, then if I play and activate the looper (however that happens), then the looper records some mix of wet and dry and plays that back when we end the recording and begin playback. I know I'm simplifying it and to an extent sound like I'm saying "it just does" :), but if the TWA can currently take in the dry signal and play back an affected wet signal, then wouldn't it be possible for it to play back an effect that includes both dry and wet? As I'm writing this, I'm wondering if the issue would be overloading the amp by including any sort of copy of the original signal...but then if it's possible via the iOS looper apps, then surely it would be possible to bring that "in house"...? Also the suggestion about using accelerometer for controlling the looper had me giggling imagining us acoustic, folky musos performing elaborate dances whilst playing in order to get the damn thing to overdub! Anyway re all of the above, what do you think? cheers, Ian

Hey Ian,

What I was referring to when I said it would possibly cancel out the effects is the decibel volume from the guitar strings. The strumming of the strings would be louder than the output of the TWA unless connected to an amp or PA. In theory, if we had a loop feature, it would absolutely give you the option of blending the wet and dry signal to help boost the volume. It's all speculation as of right now, but in time I'm sure we'll get it all figured out. 

Over the weekend I plugged in my Ditto looper between my guitar and TWA and had some very cool sounds coming from it! The main thing I noticed is the output signal level is higher from my guitar than it is from my looper, so it wasn't as loud as I'd hoped it would be, but I still had a lot of fun looping back the effects and playing over them without any wet or dry blend.

As for the accelerometer, I'm laughing hysterically picturing me dancing like a Rock God to overdub. I think it's a great idea! HA! \m/


I have run the guitar out to a looper pedal and from the looper pedal back to the TWA input.  It works great actually - sure the looped track is quieter (I guess depending on settings) but you can definitely lay down a nice chord progression to solo over etc.

suppose I should make a video.

Please do, Kris! 


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