taylor gs mini-e

is it working with taylor gs mini-e?

There have been some feedback issues reported with the older ES-go pickups that they used to use on the older GS Minis. Most customers were able to get rid of the feedback using the notch filters. If you are using a newer GS Mini-e with the ES2 system you shouldn't have any issues with it. -Dave

I have have a GS-Mini with an LR-Baggs M1A pick-up. Should that work OK? I'd need to get a second X-brace if it you say it'll work. In fact it would be awesome if it did because that's my holiday guitar.

Also where would be the best place to actually place the TWA on the GS-Mini?

Thanks. Tony

Hey, Tony. That should work just fine. The issue was with the ES-Go system they had initially. As far as the positioning, you want to set it where the suction rails are most flat. It may take some messing around with to find the best spot. Check out this forum post about arched back installs, and if you need any help, reach out to me through the chat or a support ticket. -Dave 

Thanks Dave. In that case I'm going to see about getting a second X-Brace here in Germany. -Tony

Meanwhile it is available at Thomann https://www.thomann.de/de/tonewoodamp_x_brace.htm

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