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In reading I notice that the system is set-up for iOS  can it be used with an android device and or is there any planes to allow the use of an android device. 

Hey Michael!

The issue with Android is the operating system doesn't support Virtual Midi just yet, so the apps available on Android wouldn't be a great fit for the ToneWoodAmp until it does. The newest version of Android that is about to be released has supposedly addressed this and added support for it. I'm hoping as soon as it's a possibility we'll start to see more apps become available on Android for use with the TWA. As of right now, the best apps to use are Midi Guitar 2 and SampleTank for IOS. I'm an Android user too, so I'm really wanting them to get a move on this!

The iDevice adapter we sell would would the same on an Android. We just needs developers like IKMultimedia to get the apps out on Android now!!



Great answer were as the amp I hope does what it says it can with-out being able to sync up to android really limits its use.Please tell me do you own the device (tonewood amp) and what do you think? may-be if there's enough chatter about they will get on it as Im sure that this factor is limiting sales I for one may not buy one just for that reason. a bit off topic but I just got the line-6 amplifi and love it links up to my tablet

and has more workable tones then you can imagine      

I've got two of them. I even plan on getting more just for the convenience since I use them on 7 guitars!

The TWA is a standalone device and doesn't require any tablet to use the features. There are a few extra features you can use with IOS apps, but it's absolutely not "limiting it's use" by two apps not being available on android. If you are wanting to use tablets and smartphones for music, then you really should consider getting an iPad or iPhone. They capabilities of IOS is far beyond what Android will offer for awhile unfortunately. GarageBand, SampleTank, Midi Guitar, and other apps for IK multimedia are designed for IOS, so if you're wanting to use those features, it'd be best for you to invest in the right EQ that would work better for you. 

If I could just use the pad as an interface without having to buy a phone plan I would Im on a fixed income and get a break on my phone plan through the government. can a ipad phone be used just as an interface with out a plan / 


I think you'll be plenty surprised by how the ToneWoodAmp works just as a stand alone device!

It was several months after I purchased my first one from the initial pre-order that I even attempted to connect it to an iPad. Even today it's not very often that I use it with the apps. (I'm hooked on the reverb)

Check out the iPad mini!! iPad's don't actually require a data plan, but they are available. I just use mine over WiFi. 

So let me get this straight I can use an i pad /phone as a stand along unit/interface without buying a (plan) I keep using all this ( smart technology and Im not getting any smarter) but again if I can use a ios device as a stand alone unit WoW as I would just relish mixing guitar guitar with strings /organ  /what ever  

Exactly. For what you're wanting to use it for there's no need to get a data plan, just get the iPad. You could probably find a good used one for pretty cheap like I did. You'll need to make sure it has a dual-core processor so it will work well with the apps, though. That's the only requirement. If it's too old (original iPad, iPad 2) then you may have issues with the apps running out of memory or CPU power. 

WoW David thats great I'LL start looking (craigslist/pawn shop etc.I will probably use the tonewood as a stand along unit at first and like I stated before 

this thing (tonewood)is going to be quite revolutionary for acoustic guitars/instruments!   

Definitely spend some time using it as a stand alone device and play with all of the built in features. It's packed with wonderful effects all on it's own without the use on an iDevice! Those apps are just extra goodies you can use! I think you'll find out pretty quickly that it takes your playing to a whole new level!

I am still wanting to use the whole midi side of the TWA or the ability to interface with midi.. Just highly annoyed that it is pretty much geared towards iphone.. ipad etc.. I have an Ipod, but it is not new enuf and can not upgrade to a new enough OS to run the sample tank software.. Grrr.. 

While the TWA is ok by itself, I was really wanting to play with the midi stuff.. That is what was getting me very excited about the product.. At least until the whole IDevice stuff pretty much squashed that.. 

I had been hoping there would be even some PC interface to use this with, but have not heard of any until someone on FaceBook mentioned using Jam Origins.. Got me excited again.. so I downloaded it and was ready to play.. only to find out, apparently that also wont work with the cable from the TWA.. or maybe not even the TWA at all.. I have no idea.. Apparently you need some other interface to go to usb.. 

Do we have any other options other than Iproducts? PC  would be great if not android..  if can do pc with a TWA, then what is needed to make the midi stuff work??  I mean, this was almost the primary reason for purchasing the thing. It mostly sits in my case unused until an affordable workable solution comes along.. What about Linux.. anything other than iphone or iproduct..  If I had known what an "Idevice" was before I bought  my TWA, I might have held off until it was more compatable..  I mean, the extra midi capabilities was the big hook.. Dont want to have to buy an iproduct.. would rather use my desktop pc.. or mac.. or linux machine

Hey William,

I'm really hoping Google will have support for Virtual Midi by the end of the year. It will be out at some point. 

As for use with Jam Origins, it IS an Audio to Midi software, so that is all you should need to convert to Midi and send the effects back through to the TWA. The program also supports 3rd party effects as long as they are the supported format.

To connect it to a PC, you would need an Audio Interface that connects the 1/4" jack to your computer. From there, you can plug your iDevice cable from the headphone output of your computer to the Insert Jack on the TWA to hear the effects. Start with a lower volume and work your way up as to not cause any issues. 

The biggest thing to remember is that on iDevice, the Midi Guitar 2 app uses the mic of your phone to listen. In the case of a PC, you would need to set it up to listen with the USB interface. 

I hope you can get it figured out.



That's why I have not bought one yet all my other gear (line 6 tt) is all using android just fine with bluetooth/wifi I cant stand ios it is so locked up all my friends get hit on a regular or locked out and it  will only to to itself when TWA steps up and does some work on the interface to work with android I as well as 5 or 6 friends of mine whose gear is also set up for android will then buy (wow increase in sales) and how many others are waiting for android capability!  

Dave.. THANK YOU.... 

This is info I can use.. info with some directions.. :) 

So basically, from the guitar 1/4" out to say usb  into pc.. or some interface to usb into pc..  for input.. 

then from PC out 1/8" out back to the TWA via the idevice cable.. 

2 cables.. :)

Makes better sense.. 

Thanks.. will give that a whirl.. Ready to play


Hey Michael. 

Do some research on Virtual Midi and Android requirements and you will see that it's not us holding back development. Our hardware is ready to go... Android just isn't as stable as IOS and is not capable of running a steady VM app in conjunction with other apps without the use of some sort of controller. 

The Insert port on the TWA is a standard 3.5mm audio input jack. It will accept ANY audio signal that is sent through to it through the 3.5mm jack. Think of it as a tiny speaker. 

There are a couple of VM apps for Android, but none of them allow you to send the Midi signal across multiple apps to produce the other instrument effect, I've tried all the once I've come across and they're honestly all pretty terrible. I've never been able to get them to run without overpowering the CPU and crashing (this was tested on my Galaxy S6)

This will always be more limited with Android because there are so many different devices that run Android and many of them aren't compatible due to hardware limitations. For now, all you can really do with Android is record loops, use an app like Amplitude to add the effects and play them back through the TWA. It's not ideal, but it works until the platform is stable enough for it to run like it does on IOS. 

Once Google has a stable enough platform not to overpower the CPU on the device, we'll start to see apps like SampleTank available on Android.

Hang in there, it's coming. You'll possibly have to upgrade your phone again when it's ready, though. 


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