iPhone7 and Tonewood Amp

What connectors do I need, and where do you recommend we get them, to use an iPhone7 that only has the lightening connector?

Does Virtual Midi use the phone's mic to pick up the guitar pitches or does the guitar output get sent through the connector to the iPhone?



Hey Dan!

You will need the iDevice adapter that we sell at ToneWoodAmp.com and the adapter to connect the 3.5mm jack to your lightning port.

VM does use the on-board mic of your iPhone to listen to the TWA effects and the iDevice cable receives the signal from your iPhone.


Thanks for the prompt response David.  I have the ToneWood adapter.  It is a TRRS male mini phone to TRRS female mini phone. 
I have lightening male to mini female phone adapters, and looking inside the barrel it looks like there are contacts for 4 points on the
plug that is inserted, thus it appears to be a TRRS connector...so far so good. 
So I guess I just need a male TRRS to male TRRS and I'll be done.  Which brings up a related question...
If I get a male to male TRRS, can I just plug a male TRRS into the ToneWood unit and the other end into my TRRS to lightening connector?

Thanks for the answer on how the Virtual Midi software senses the guitar string pitches...so is there a recommended place to position the iPhone for
maximum pickup and signal tracking accuracy?  E.g. on the music stand in front of the guitar?  6 inches or 2 feet away? 


The way I've always connected it is by having the iDevice adapter plugged into the TWA. You could use a TRRS cable to your lightning adapter.

I typically prop up my iPad about 2-3 feet in front of me... I feel it picks up the sound great there and I can easily reach it to adjust or change effects. I haven't really tried any other positions- it worked there the first time, so I just kept doing it.

Is there a video of how to pair my iPhone 7 with my Tonewood amp?

It's the same method outlined in our iDevice tutorial, except you will need to include your lightning adapter as well.

If you need some help with it, submit a support ticket and I'll reach out to walk you through the settings. 



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