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Can someone tell me about "clipping." What's the best way to stop it without sacrificing volume and effect? Is it harmful to the TWA device to clip?

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Hi Cody,

The -clip- notification appears when there's too much signal coming in or going out of the TWA. The best way to fix it is to first lower the master gain just a bit.

Keep in mind there are TWO gains on the TWA, Master Gain and Effect Gain. Spend some time finding a good balance of the two and you should be able to fix any clipping issues. Here's how I do it.

  • Set guitars EQ flat and Volume at 50 (if you have a preamp)
  • On a Reverb effect, set the Master Gain to 5 - Effect gain to 10 - Volume to 20
  • Access Global Settings, and in increments of 10, start to raise the Master Gain.
  • Once the effect starts to sound harsh, or if you get a clip notification, back off the master gain by 5%
  • Set it and play around for a few minutes, and make any adjustments from the last Master Gain %

It may take a day or so of making small adjustments until the TWA is set up perfectly with your guitar and pickup combination.

If you need more help with it, get in touch with me through a support ticket and I'll assist you.



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