Switching effects while playing

Is there any way to make controls more user friendly so you can switch the effects while playing in the middle of of a song, for example if you want to put delay on a lead riff on the fly. Would TA work if you mounted unit to the top of guitar instead of the back so you can access controls better?

Hey, Tim. as for now the only option is using the effects knob to switch back and forth. I know it can be a hassle mid- song. We've got some ideas for future devices that work with the TWA. Can't say much more than that at the moment... As for mounting the guitar on the top, I'd strongly advise against it. The top of your guitar needs to be able to move in order to pump the box.... If you mounted the TWA there, it would add weight, and stiffen up the top and you'd lose lots of volume and tone. Try placing your arm on the top of your guitar while you play, and then remove it and you'll hear the difference it makes. You would probably run into issues mounting because of the bracing on the top. 

We'll announce more about accessories in the future. Stay tuned.


Thanks, Just a quick suggestion about switching effects, you may want to incorporate a foot switch into the module so you can toggle through the presets or effects seamlessly. Thanks
Love the foot switch idea.
I agree, a footswitch would be great. It could be a USB plugin, possibly?

USB and bluetooth would make a great combination.  then you could incorporate a flic button and place it anywhere that is conveinent


Yes! Great Idea...  I think it would serve to better a piece of equipment that on a scale of 1 to 10 is ALREADY a "10"  Let's "try" for an "11" with the footswitch idea.  THANKS TWA...

 How about gestures?

The Tonewood already has a position sensor and I could foresee a code revision that allowed switching between (predetermined) effects by raising the neck of the guitar to vertical or maybe lowering it.

Personally, I feel a "Footswitch" which allows for multiple choices would be more "Practical" than performing contortions with the guitar...  "No Brainer..."  Are you guys hiring?

I mean it's not 'brain science.'  And, for what it's worth, I have a couple of friends who "Agree" w/ me.  Just give it some thought?  It would be a FANTASTIC upgrade...

Unfortunately, not much I can say at the moment, but we do have some ideas in the works for switching effects on the fly.

I'll be ordering my TWA end of the month. For recording purposes it will be a godsend. Changing settings on the fly would be nice, but for now layering FX in recording will be cool.
At some point, we can change effects using "gestures".
For example, if you want to change from reverb to delay and then back to reverb, the angle of the guitar could be used to make this switch.
This will be considered for future software updated.


Listen!  With all due respect.  When I'm playing and I'm in a groove, it's not natural [for me] to think about "gestures."  My "gestures" are usually dictated by the emotion I'm feeling at that "very instant."  I might want to [lean in] -or- [pull back].  And, most of the time

I'm not even cognizant of my "gestures"   I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm from a generation (if that's what you choose to attribute it to), that...  I mean, I don't know?  It's just that to [me] it's more natural to want to "stomp-on-a-box" to change an effect than it

is to make 'specific' body "gestures," [for the reasons I've mentioned].   Just might be 'something' to consider...  Thanks For Reading!

Footswitch would be the to go I reckon.  Anything else would require extra effort and thought.

Re: Footswitch

How do you feel about having a cable attached to the Tonewood connected to a footswitch?

I suppose if you are already plugged into a PA or amp it is not a big deal.

But is this extra cable going to be a hassle?

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