Switching effects while playing

Is there any way to make controls more user friendly so you can switch the effects while playing in the middle of of a song, for example if you want to put delay on a lead riff on the fly. Would TA work if you mounted unit to the top of guitar instead of the back so you can access controls better?

Sounds interesting in terms of a concept or an idea.  I'm just not too thrilled about the whole "footswitch" thing.  Perhaps, limiting the choices but, doing it with some sort of substantial "Motion" detection might be [food for thought] for your R&D Team.  

Frank, I am the R&D team.

I suggested "gestures" twice in this thread.

By that I mean, if you want to switch between 2 preset voices, specific motions of the guitar could do the switching.

That would mean making the choices in advance in the settings and then, for instance, raise the neck to vertical for 2 seconds would switch in one direction and then raising it again would switch back.

or some sort of distinct (and detectable) position.

Sorry, don't mean to waste your time, but you might notice that I did a 180-degree turn on this issue.  And, in truth, I am quite ambivalent.  

I guess the bottom line is, [Everything Considered] I would probably be more apt to purchase a footswitch.  But, but, but, the thing is that it would have to be made well

and offered at a reasonable price considering how much the "ToneWood" amp itself cost.  I think the whole 'Genesis' of the idea - to developing a "prototype" -  to making it

available to the consumer, was brilliant.  My ONLY problem with the whole thing has always been the cost.  I feel it can be made more available to the "Budget Conscious"

musician if you'd have brought down the cost some.  At this point, my recommendation would be to offer it at a discounted price to all your previous customers.  And, not

to change the price, but to include the footswitch with all future orders.  NOW, all that would obviously depend as I already mentioned, your R&D Team.  If they can use less expensive

yet, enduring parts so as to create a footswitch you can hit with a "Hammer" and, has good wiring, [or bluetooth], so that it's built to last.  THEN, it is in my opinion that, that coupled with

some clever advertisements, will hit it out of the ballpark...  After that - it's going to be a lot of POSITIVE "word of mouth."  


I appreciate that you are not rolling in cash but everything costs something.

If you want a custom pedal, I can build you one, for a price.

We have has many design reviews about remote controlling the TWA.

Rest assured that we consider remote control a desireable addition but one that is not demanded by enough user to make that commitment now.


I run a cable from my TWA to my Ravish Sitar then onto the amp. I have had no problems.

I really dig that pedal, how's it sound through TWA?

I am an non-pro who has been playing strictly acoustic instruments for over 50 years, the last 20 at various venues and events where I live in Japan. I just ordered TWA as a relief for carrying around my current 15lb pedalboard on trains to gigs. It does everything my current stable of high end acoustic pedals do without the headaches. The TWA is an outstanding device as it stands and any more options (my exception being Bluetooth switching) only complicates the designed simplicity. If you want on-the-fly switching use effects pedals. The TWA gang has their ducks in a row and when mine gets demonstrated after this COVID19 crap is finished you can rest assured there will be more sales here for the reason quoted.

We truly appreciate it, Gary! Looking forward to what you do with TWA!

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