Multiple Effects Simultaneously

Literally just about to purchase a TWA, but have a future development question.  Will you be modifying the firmware to support multiple concurrent effects, for example delay + tremolo, or delay + (long awaited) chorus?

Many Thanks


It already does. For example, Delay Effect has a reverb parameter, Tremolo Effect has a delay parameter, the Reverb Effects have Delay parameters, and so on. 

It will be the same with the Chorus also. 


Are there plans to stack effects? For example, overdrive and tremolo? Haven't bought one yet but I'm close. Thanks, Mitch

You can already use secondary effects by clicking the Parameters knob on the Primary effect.

As of right now, we don't have any plans to change secondary effects, but we will be adding new effects periodically. 


I am an intermediate guitar player and TWA owner and enthusiast.  However, I have zero experience with and even less knowledge of audio effects, much less processing them.


I am told that the TWA has 8 built-in effects with 3 parameters and 10 memory slots per effect. There are settings for Decay, Drive, DSP By-pass, Notch Hi & Low, Rate, Sensitivity, Speed, Depth, Envelope, Feedback, Filter, Pre-delay, volume, Delay, Hi cut, etc. And I have no idea how to determine or even put to use, a frequency setting!


Now, I do understand that the approval of any final/mixed audio sound is subjective. But I’ll tell ya’, and I am not intending to be facetious, I feel like I need to hire a professional sound engineer to get the intended use from my TWA. 


So, I would like to ask the folks at TWA to post a publication that not merely defines each effect separately (they have done that), but one that reasonably explains how they affect and interrelate to one another. In other words, the do’s & don’ts of programming and using these effects together.


If one already exists, then kindly disregard this post and point me to it!

Hi Winston! Sorry for the late reply!

Here's a guide that explains each effect and each parameter. I hope this helps. If you still have questions, please shoot me an email at and I'd be happy to help!

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