ToneWoodAmp with Ukulele

Hi There. Will this fit and work with tenor Ukulele or is the body too small Cheers

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This is a good question. I taped my TWA to the back of my 8 string Tenor Uke and it sounded great. Looks like there is enough room inside for the magnets. Question is, how do you get it through the small sound hole. I have one in my 6 string and 12 string Takamine, which sounds great, but I don't remember the magnet brace being flexible enogh to get it through the small sound hole...Any Suggestions ???



I've installed it on a Baritone Uke. 

My best advice is inserting the X-brace leg 1 leg at a time until it's all the way through. 

Take a lot of time with this. I did 3 or 4 practice runs before I really felt comfortable with the process.

I slid the top of the X-brace against the inside top of the guitar and then slowly lowered it into place once it was far enough back.

Since I couldn't fit my hand in, this was a 3 finger installation and the hardest I've ever done... good luck. 

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