tried my tonewood amp live in a p.a. Friday night.


pressed the wrong buttons or didnt' do the right order but it was live and I counld't take time.

is there a set oreder when plugging into a p.a. to get sound and then use a 'knob' to control your volume?


1 turn the twa on

2 plug into the p.a.




When you go into D.I. Mode, a few things will change.

You'll notice that the Amplitude knob has a couple more options now. ( D.I. Level and D.I. Blend)

You'll want to spend a few minutes getting this configured before attempting to use it live to make sure it's set to the best configuration.

The D.I. Level will control the volume output to the P.A and the D.I. Blend will control determine how much of the effects are going to the PA.



D.I. Level and Blend does not load on amplitude when i connect D.I. What am i doing wrong?

You will not see these options unless a cable is connected to the Output jack. 

Once you plug in the cable, it will activate the DI mode automatically. 



Ok thanks If I want to blend the D.I. With the tpnewoodamp effekt only through the guitars soundhole? I would like to sit outside without PA system I have d.I sound through the guitar but can not affekt only D.I. And get it louder. Is there a way to do this.

The DI Level will control the volume output for DI.

The Blend would allow you to select how much of the effects get to the PA. 0 is dry- guitar only, 25 is fully wet- all of the effects. 

You would still hear the effects through the soundhole even if the blend is at 0 and the clean signal is coming from the PA.

You can mute the sound hole effects by going to the DI Menu and selecting TWA or DI, instead of TWA and DI. 

I ordered my twa on friday9/01/17 is there a way to track my order?I want to make sure I'm home when it arrives.
Thank you in advance for your time


It hasn't shipped yet. With today being Labor Day, it will go out tomorrow.

Once USPS picks up the shipments I'll send you an email with tracking.



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