Global settings

Hi there.. just got my amp yesterday and I can't seem to get into global settings. I keep pressing the first two nobs at the same time and it just keeps saying either memory or insert. I noticed that the third mob doesn't even have the ability to be pressed in.. seems stationary. I'm wondering if this is a defect. Hopefully we can figure this out. Thanks for your help. Leslie

Hi Leslie,

It sounds like you're holding down the knobs.

It's a quick click and release of the two knobs simultaneously. There are two menus that can be recalled by either clicking or holding the knobs. If you look at the legend on your TWA you will see the menu options for Click and the menu options for Hold. All Combo-Click menus are click and release.

If you are still having problems, please reach out to me via the Chat (when available) or a support ticket and I'll help you out.



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