Incorrectly positioned Tonewood Amp

Hello. After running a dry test with the x-brace which was completely fine, I somehow managed to move it a bit down the center of guitar body. The TWA sits perfectly on that place and produces great sound. I am wondering if I should bother reinstalling it and wasting spare stickers or there is no point in doing it?


That depends. Slightly lift up each end of your TWA. If you see the device rocking a bit, then that means there are only two magnets on the X-brace making contact.

If that's the case, you should absolutely replace the stickers and reposition the X-brace.

If only two magnets are making contact, you run the risk of it getting knocked off much easier.

If I were you, I'd change them.



Thank you for your answer. The TWA is holding just fine with all four magnets since the surface is completely flat there. It is just not in the center of the guitar body. It is placed a bit closer to the bottom of the guitar. I am only wondering if its position on the guitar body anyhow effects the sound. 

Positioning plays a huge part in how the TWA sounds. 

If you find a place that sounds better to you, then keep it there. :)



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