Any recommended settings for effects?

Just installed my new TWA last night. Does anyone have any effects settings to recommend? what are your favorite effects and what settings do you use to make them?

Plate reverb is my favorite!

I like a bit more delay with it, so I set the pre-delay to 19 to give that more of a boost.

With the delay, I keep the reverb dialed back. I feel like too much of the reverb parameter can take away from the delay, so I set it between 4-6 usually.

Doing that makes the delay more apparent.

Just a tip: If you find a setting you really like, make sure to save it so it can be recalled later!



It's so subjective to the guitar that its really hard to answer that and be taken seriously by a veteran TWA user (which I am not yet, but getting there). For example I have a hand-made 12 fret spruce top guitar and certain effects like the Leslie or the plate sound amazing on it. Conversely have a 14 fret cedar top guitar and those 2 effects don't sound anywhere near as good on cedar as they do on spruce. However, the delay, trem, and room/hall sound so much more rich on the cedar guitar. Of course, all of this is subjective first of all, and also: one can adjust the intensity of the effect as well as a volume, but I'm talking about even more of a nuance than that; I'm talking about the way different wood reacts to the TWA and the way it directs sound back out through the soundhole.

Good point Jim. 

The pickups will also play a big part in how the overall tone sounds when being fed into the TWA. 

I've got two 000 guitars, one that I made with Bubinga and Spruce and an all mahogany Martin 00015-m, both equipped with the same K&K Pure Mini pickups, but they both sound different due to the different tonewoods. The Mahogany has a much warmer tone and the Bubinga/Spruce is brighter with more mid-range volume.

These tones are picked up by the pickups and I can tell the difference in the effects produced by the TWA.

The guitar body tonewoods TOTALLY make a difference! Completely concur. But that shouldn't discourage anyone, getting to know your new 30 guitars by the addition of this sweet little machine is a blast! And btw, just because an effect may sound (to one person's ear) better on cedar for example, that doesn't mean it sounds bad on, say, spruce. Some effects are just different on different materials, that's all!

It really is! The more guitars I work on, the more I find that to be true. 

I believe it. Wish I was s luthier!

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