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New user of the TWA, I'm a bit confused about all the gain and volume stuff. I've pointed 4 ways to control volume with this chain :

Guitar preamp volume -> Global Settings Master Gain % -> Effect Gain -> Effect Volume

Following the user manual, I understood that it's better to have the Guitar Preamp Volume to 50% but for the rest, I'm a bit lost... Can you explain us the best to do ?

Thanks ! ;)



You're pretty much right how you've explained it above.

First, set your preamp at 50% volume (during configuration)

Then go through and set the Master Gain,

That's the most important steps, you can boost your preamp volume more once the master gain has been set.

The Volume and Gain from the Amplitude knob control only the Output of the effect you're using. This can be changed or adjusted much more often and will reset back to default values when you power down your TWA.  (unless you save the effect to memory)



Ok thanks for you answer. I think I'll have to test several settings to get the best sound.

Thanks again.



I have a similar question about each effect's Volume and Gain controls. I'm OK with the 50% Pre-amp setting on the guitar, and I'm OK with the Master Gain setup. It's just the Volume/Gain controls for each effect that has me confused.

If we were talking about a regular guitar amp (not the TWA), you could use that amp's Gain control to overdrive the input stage of the amp to get some distortion. Then you would use the amp's Volume control to get the desired output volume through the amp's speaker(s). You'd end up with the distorted sound of an overdriven amp, but at a lower volume.

But I don't understand the need to have both Volume and Gain controls for 7 of the 8 TWA effects. For the 8th effect (distortion), I can see why you would use the Gain control to create some......well...... DISTORTION! Maybe I'm not understanding the functional use of the Gain control. Could you give some examples of why you would set the Gain control to different settings? If I just wanted my Delay effect to be a little louder, I assume that I would just increase the Volume control, and leave the Gain control alone. If didn't want any distortion added to an effect, what would be the ideal value for Gain? I assume that setting the Gain to "0" would result in no output, and that setting it to "25" would result in some distortion of the effect? What is the highest/ideal setting for Gain that would produce the cleanest output for an effect? Would it be around mid-range, a setting of "12"?

Sorry for all the questions, but this has me quite a bit confused!


The perfect settings ultimately depend on the guitar and pickup configuration and what kind of sound you're going for. 

The Master gain sets in Input signal level. The Gain and Volume from the Amplitude knob is more like what you would be adjusting on an amplifier. 

If there were no Effect Gain option, you would have to adjust the input gain much more often to achieve a clean or dirtier tone when switching effects. It's there for ease of use and because it is necessary to help you shape the overall sound of the effect. Master gain is there to help set the signal level to prevent feedback.  

Set the Master Gain once, and then tweak each effects output gain. Most players already know if they prefer low-gain or high-gain (clean or dirty), so you can set the master gain how you want it once, and then adjust accordingly for each effect...

I like a clean tone, so I keep my gains low.



is there a way to "reset" the amp ... as if it's the first time I'm hooking it up.    I don't think I got my settings correct the first time I turned on the amp - my guitar volume was all the way up.   

Armie, please see this information here.



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